ACT NOW: Please Help Pastor Dave Owens Raise Money To Replace Embassy Church DC’s 45 Year Old HVAC & Furnace


Pastor Dave Owens, Embassy Church DC
Pastor Dave Owens, Embassy Church DC

Please help my friend Pastor Dave Owens of Embassy Church DC raise money to replace his 45 year old HVAC and furnace. Pastor Dave is a humble and mighty warrior in the church, and a man I am proud to consider a friend.

Seven years ago, when my oldest son was 2 years old, Rebecca and I came across Embassy Church DC while searching for multicultural churches within Washington, District of Columbia’s city limits. Upon the first visit, I recall a noticeably warm and homelike feel to the church. Everyone greeted and hugged us, as if we were old friends, offered us a breakfast snack, and took time to have a personal conversation. The sanctuary, at the time, had traditional church pews and flags, representing a variety of countries around the world, hanging from the wall. The worship service consisted of a contemporary Christian style, with a multicultural praise and worship team. I recall all of my worship senses being touched on that Sunday. The only other time I saw a church so diverse was when we attended Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, Maryland. What made Embassy Church DC so appealing was that it was 20 minutes from our home in Washington, DC versus 45 minutes to Columbia, Maryland – A very important gas savings for a young family.

Elders, Embassy Church DC
Elders, Embassy Church DC

Once service ended, Pastor Dave came to us and warmly greeted Rebecca, my son, and me. But, not only did he greet us, he actually wanted to know about us personally. Rebecca and I left his church feeling very welcomed and excited to go back for a visit.

After becoming regular visitors, Pastor Dave approached me before service one Sunday and asked if we could have lunch one day. We exchanged numbers and planned a day and time to get together. Pastor Dave invited us to join him at Bambu DC Asian Cuisine on Macarthur Boulevard in Northwest, Washington, DC. The food didn’t disappoint us either. But the food wasn’t what impacted me most – And as most of you know, I LOVE fabulous dinning. What impacted me the most was that Pastor Dave and I seemed to click, at least from my perspective. We both agreed that diversity and a focus on multicultural ministry was very important. Why? Well, it’s America, and the most segregated day of the week is Sunday. Pastor Dave and I both agreed that it was important for all followers of Christ to stand as one body, with one praise, and one voice. We also agreed about the importance of church missions trips. Rebecca even told Pastor Dave about her weeklong trip to Juarez, Mexico with our former church, World of Life Christian Center, located in Lone Tree, Colorado.  No – I couldn’t go because I had to stay home and watch our oldest son. But I was there in spirit.

Eventually my family moved away from the area and Pastor Dave and I kept in touch on Facebook. That brings me to now, seven years and one additional child later! One Sunday Rebecca, my family I, which now includes an additional person, decided to visit our old friend. It was like a small reunion. Pastor Dave first saw me while he was practicing in the sanctuary with his praise and worship team. In true Embassy Church DC fashion we were greeted by two lovely members and again offered a breakfast snack. Nothing had changed, well…besides the fact that Pastor Dave removed the traditional church pews for more contemporary style seating. Pastor Dave said that it gave him more flexibility for church events. Before church began that Sunday, Pastor Dave walked up to us, gave us a warm greeting, and asked us to reintroduce ourselves to the church once service began. After service, Pastor Dave invited us out for lunch as he did seven years ago. After grabbing some sandwiches, at his favorite Georgetown restaurant, we went to Rosslyn, Virginia to the Marine Corps War Memorial and had a lovely time catching up.

Pastor Dave is one of the most humble and real pastors I know. He will never shy away from offering tough Christ centered counsel. Again, I am proud to call him a friend in a time of my life where many transitions are occurring. I encourage you to open your heart and wallet to help this great servant of the Lord replace his 45 year old HVAC and furnace. Yes…45 years!

ACT NOW (Closed)

Embassy Church DC
Embassy Church DC



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