Reflect Now: Stephen McDow Volunteers 555 Hours At Open Table

Stephen McDow Serving Guest
Stephen McDow serving a guest at Open Table.

Life is a journey that has twists and turns. As many of you know I found Open Table in order to give back to society. I’m pleased to say that I’ve volunteered 555 hours at Open Table and have no plans on stopping. Serving those in need in Massachusetts has been a spiritually rewarding experience.

 Dr. Cornell West of The Poverty Tour says:

You can’t lead people unless you love people and you can’t save people unless you serve people.

What is the depth of your love and quality of your service for people, specifically poor people?

My love for people is deep…its been that way my entire life. I’m honored that Open Table’s president, Peter Hilton, allowed me the opportunity to come and make an impact on those individuals experiencing a time of need.

I pledged 500 hours to the National Day of Service…and plan to pledge another 500 hours, totaling 1,000 hours since September 2012.

Will you join me? No matter where you are in the world find a local food bank and invest your time in helping to bring a smile to those in need.


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