ACT NOW: Who’s Your Daddy? Not The Government! We Don’t Need Fetus Personhood Legislation!

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Why the attack on female health rights? Why is it that it’s mostly men picking this battle? Fetus personhood legislation will have a negative impact on future educational attainment for female students and could dramatically increase instances of child abuse…and adoption only benefits Caucasian children (mostly).

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The government has no right to force women to bear the responsibility of dealing with unintended pregnancy. Fetus personhood legislation reinforces the idea that it’s the females’ fault for having sex and getting pregnant.

What happened to less government? What are you going to do if you have to pay for more children on the welfare rosters? How many low-income women will fill jails across the nation because you supported fetus personhood legislations? We can’t afford that at all!

Look, women are not property. Where is my proof some think of women as property? According to the US Census Bureau:

  • Working women earn 77% of men;
  • Female workers age 25 to 32 (bachelor’s degree) are paid 14% less than men;
  • 69% of women are more likely to care for children;
  • 23% of mothers are out of the workforce, compared to 1% of dads;
  • 4.8 million women are assaulted…20% are seriously injured by men;
  • 600 women are assaulted per day by men!!!

Fetus personhood legislation will enact a forced birth precedent in our American legal system. Are you going to look at your daughter, mother, sister and (or) wife and tell them to just use a coat hanger? I wont!

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