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ACT NOW: Medicaid Matters for Kids Month


The Children’s Hospital Association sent out this action alert regarding the importance of protecting Medicaid for young people. Medicaid funding is very important to protect. Young people can’t learn and prepare themselves for 21st century learning and jobs if they are not healthy.

Congress is making funding decisions that will impact children’s health. As various proposals are made public, it’s clear many lawmakers are still unaware of the critical

Children's Hospital Association

Children’s Hospital Association

importance of Medicaid to the health of our nation’s children.

With that in mind, the Children’s Hospital Association has declared March as Medicaid Matters for Kids Month – during which child health advocates will work together to raise awareness of Medicaid as a child health program by sharing patient stories, facts about the program and writing to members of Congress. You can follow Medicaid Matters for Kids month and read some amazing stories on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We need your help in this effort. Please take just three minutes to send a letter to your legislators and let them know this is not the time to be cutting vital health care programs for kids like Medicaid.

The facts are these:

  • More than one in three American children receives care through the Medicaid program and children account for half of all Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • Approximately five percent of children on Medicaid have severe and complex medical conditions; these children account for approximately 45 percent of Medicaid spending on children due to the severity of their illnesses.
  • The role of Medicaid is especially critical to medically complex children, who often must travel across state lines to receive care from a limited number of pediatric specialists, while also receiving care closer to home from a wide range of health care professionals, often without clear coordination.

Therefore, it’s clear that any budget proposals in the 113th Congress must preserve Medicaid’s unique role in children’s health care and must not undermine the sickest children’s access to Medicaid or the program’s ability to provide care for these children.

Please take just three minutes to send a letter to your legislators and help them understand the importance of Medicaid. By following the link you’ll be taken to a pre-written letter to your legislators, which you are encouraged to customize with your words and stories.

We need to be the voice for our children – please send your message today.


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