McDow International Enterprises Launches Bi-Polar Girl Productions

Maryland (USA), May 22, 2020 — McDow International Enterprises, owned by Stephen R. McDow II, increases its portfolio in launching Bi-Polar Girl Productions – The production arm of the global podcast Bi-Polar Girl, co-hosted by online personalities SnowFlake and Chacoman. The show began production in January of 2020. Since its launch, the show quickly saw support from Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Phillippines, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Pakistan, Bermuda and more! The purpose of the show is to further diminish the stigma of mental illness by discussing the complex aspects of bipolar with patients, therapists, authors, and academics across the globe. The show will also have experts providing strategies for good holistic self-care, and eating tips!

Season one has already helped an artist sell work, provided guidance to the ill, and helped a mom with a child diagnosed with Bi-polar and more.

Snowflake says,” I view the show as a place to advocate for individuals with mental illness (Bipolar) and to let the world know we are not out of control monsters. We are public servants, professionals, students, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers capable of long fruitful and productive lives.”

Bi-Polar Girl Podcast’s website is a place to link to the shows episode library, resources and more. Please visit:


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