Martin MS Alliance Invites Stephen McDow To Speak On Co-operative Movement & The Disability Community

Stephen R. McDow II is a quintessential US national and international co-operator who embodies and lives by the 7DC Flag Co-operative Principles. Stephen looks to promote co-operative enterprises as a way of bringing solidarity amongst rural, urban and communities in-between to build a more inclusive economy.

Stephen has worked in collaboration, with a group of passionate and committed co-op advocates, to move the US co-operative movement forward at NCBA CLUSA and Keystone Development Center. His body of work has delivered programs, education, outreach, and advocacy to farmers, workers, and community leaders from diverse backgrounds. He has spoken and been interviewed both nationally and internationally and feels it his “calling” in life to help advance the one business model working to empower individuals from marginalized communities – The Co-operative Business Model!

“Together, WE can work to educate, promote and invest in innovative ideas and technology that is inclusive to rural and urban citizens in America and across the globe,” says Stephen.

To learn more about the Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation visit:

If you would like to learn more about Stephen and his work, please visit:


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