McDow International Launches 2 New Brands

McCritter’s Homestead & Becca Jean’s Eggs

Chemical Free eco-system fed non-GMO products!

September 4, 2020, Monrovia, MD – McDow International Enterprises launched McCritter’s Homestead – a 100% chemical free eco-system that is home to goats, ducks, geese, chicken, cats, guinea pigs, and a great dane named Izzy! McCritter’s Homestead is a return back to the “old” way for the McDow family and an opportunity to lead by example to the wider community. Subsequently, McCritter’s Homestead is home to Becca Jean’s Eggs – Non-GMO fed and pasture raised eggs. All products fed to the 28 animals that make McCritter’s Homestead their home comes from the Ernst Family and their Homestead Harvest brand! Josh Ernst, a third generation producer and entrepreneur, has revolutionized their family farm. Homestead Harvest can be purchased onsite at their farm (, at a local distributor, or online at Amazon!

McCritter’s officially launched in May 2020 and business has been growing steadily. With a solid following, McDow International designed the website (, which launched in September 2020. Customer’s now have the capability to pay online! All payments are processed using an integrated point-of-sale tool. Customer’s may also pay in-person with all major credit cards or through PayPal. Of course, cash is always welcome – but does anyone really use it?

Rebecca J. McDow, Co-Owner and Co-Founder:

“We have a 3 week wait list at this point and our customers are primarily from the Asian, South Asian, East Asian, Latino, and Spanish communities! They’re all excited for duck and goose eggs and love Becca Jean’s eggs and affordable prices in general.”

The homestead also offers pet sitting and walking services on a limited basis. The service is run by the oldest son. Stephen R. McDow II, President and Co-Founder:

“We’re excited about the egg business and the soon to be launched goat fur (angora) product. As entrepreneurs, we love that our business portfolio is diverse, and includes elements of products, services, and advocacy for issues we love and care about. It’s not just about profit, but about people!”

McDow International Enterprises encourages all to try Becca Jean’s Eggs: