Stephen McDow Teaches Young-People At Collective Impact’s Kids Business Expo

On Saturday, November 14, 2020 Stephen McDow teamed up with Esther West, board member at the Federation of Worker Co-operatives and on staff at UW Center For Cooperatives, to teach young-people (8 years+) how to create a 30 second elevator pitch and why they are so important to have at the Collective Impact’s Kids Business Expo program. The expo is hosted by the Fun Fitness Foundation Inc. and is their annual fundraising event. The youth were mostly from Charleston, West Virginia and already running local businesses. Mavery Davis, Financial Literacy Bootcamp:

“I see these cooperators participation as another opportunity to integrate cooperative education in my community. Financial Literacy Bootcamp is providing technical assistance to the program and spreading the word about the cooperative advantage. Esther, Teia, and Stephen are examples of cooperation and I am thankful they are assisting me with showing how cooperation works at every level by working collectively.”

The session was moderated by Teia Evans, an internationally respected cooperator and board member at CooperationWorks!.

On Saturday, November 21, 2020 Teia Evans and Stephen was invited by Mavery to return to the expo and cover the importance of building intentional networks and understanding your businesses financials. This time Teia and Stephen teamed up with Angelica Armstrong, Managing Partner at Content & Engagement Group.