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Serve Now: Never Forget Millions In South Sudan Are Homeless!

  • An estimated 1.5 million people have been uprooted in fighting that started with a political impasse in mid-December 2013 between President Salva Kiir and former Vice-President Riek Machar. The conflict also sent nearly 100,000 civilians fleeing to UN bases around the country. UN Mission South Sudan
  • At least 40,000 people who fled fighting in South Sudan are staying in horrific conditions at a UN camp. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)
  • “Being a father is always about being able to provide for your son, sending him to school or a good hospital if he needs it.  But how can you say you’re a father when you’re just sitting here? I am just ashamed of being a father here. It would be better if we didn’t have to leave to be refugees. The world needs to support people in their lives so South Sudan can be developed and there can be peace in this world,” Gatluack Choul, South Sudanese Refugee


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Reflect Now: The Corporation for National and Community Service Sends Stephen McDow A Note Of Thanks

Stephen McDow With Fellow Volunteers At Open Table

Stephen McDow With Fellow Volunteers At Open Table

The Corporation for National and Community Service sent Stephen McDow a thank you note regarding his commitment to service:

Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much for your message and for sharing your volunteer experiences with us. We’re glad to hear you’re at 555 hours and counting! It’s always wonderful to hear from volunteers who are doing amazing work in their communities and making service a part of their lives. Have a wonderful week and thank you for serving!

Stephen is humbled that the Corporation for National and Community Service took the time to thank him for his commitment to service. He also view’s their note as motivation to seek greater opportunities to help people.

Visit: to learn how YOU can make an impact!

Visit: to learn how YOU can make an impact!

ACT NOW: Speaker Boehner: We The People Urge You To Repudiate Destructive Rhetoric!

We are White; We are Black; We are Multi-ethnic; We are Hispanic; We are Asian; We are straight; We are lesbian; We are gay; We are blue and white collard workers; We are northern; We are southern; We are western; We are mid-western; We are atheist; We are agnostic; We are Muslim; We are Jewish; We are Christian; and WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with the destructive actions and vile rhetoric in the Republican party.

Are you really fed up? Are you horrified at the blatant expression of racism expressed by this current brand of Republicans?

Then take a stand by urging Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Republican leaders to publicly repudiate the destructive actions and vile rhetoric from members within the Republican party.

Recently, at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) a college Republican said during a breakout session that we should all be separate but equal and that black slaves should have been happy with being abused because their masters gave them food, shelter, and cloths.

It’s troubling to think that mainstream conservatives accept these ideas and that no one has publicly repudiated these types of vile rhetoric.

Former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) said during her CPAC speech that she was proud of college Republicans because they are “bold”. She also said that Republicans should not be interested in pragmatic politics and not rebranding the party. Sure sounds like Ms. Palin is out of touch and has done more damage in offering Americans a true two party debate.

If you believe in America then take a stand by urging Speaker Boehner to publicly repudiate ignorance because its destroying America and American liberty!

ACT NOW (Closed)

Note: Also filed at CNNi Report: Stephen McDow on CNN

ACT NOW: Congress – Sandy Proved We Need Real Infrastructure Investment


How can we remain strong if our foundation is weak? Sandy proved its not all theory – Our infrastructure is week. America – lets urge Congress to support real infrastructure investment. Do we need another Sandy?

According to the infrastructure report card, 2009, the United States received a D over-all score. Are we the people okay with driving on roads and bridges, or living next to or near dams that barely received a passing grade? We shouldn’t be. Our infrastructure score breaks down as follows:

Solid Waste = C+
Drinking Water = D-
• Inland Waterways = D-
• Levees = D-
Roads = D-
• Wastewater = D-
• Aviation = D
• Transit = D
• Schools = D
• Dams = D
• Bridges = C
Public Parks = C-
• Recreation = C-
• Rail = C-
• Energy = D+

This report card may be acceptable to some, but for the vast majority of Americans, this is alarming. Imagine your young person receiving grades, or, your employer providing you with a performance review, like this. In fact, not many students would remain in the general classroom with years of deficient performance. Nor would any employer retain the services of an employee who performed like this, they would be fired. And fired they will be if they don’t get their acts together and pass a final version of the transportation and highway bill.

Waiting is not an option. Young people, grandparents, mothers and fathers, veterans, farmers, and city dwellers will suffer if Congress does not ACT.

America needs this. 4,000 dams in our country are deficient, with 1,819 of those in the high hazard rating. Out of 85,000 dams in America, the average age is 51 years old. The next dam failure could be in your town, causing countless deaths and injuries.

If Congress is really concerned about reducing entitlements then tell them to act now. How can young people learn and grow if they are living in toxic urban waste dumps? Federal funds have decreased steadily since 2008 to clean up toxic cities. Not acting will lead to higher health expenditures and federal disability expenditures, for example, because people will be too sick to actually function.

How can Americans, from farmers to executives, take their kids to school and go to work if our bridges and roads are deficient? According to the 2009 infrastructure report card, 1 in four (or more) bridges are structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. Additionally, road congestion costs Americans money, $67 billion per year in repairs and operating costs.

We need to start now; we the people must demand action, NOW! Encourage Congress to ACT.